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April updates from the SFPA

The world is starting to open back up, we hope you’ve been able to connect safely with some family and friends after a long winter. At the SFPA we’ve been busy working on a number of projects. Below is a full run down of our updates along with links to other Shropshire and UK wide news which may be of interest.

SFPA updates

A Shropshire Food Partnership- Shrewsbury Food Hub are exploring the potential to establish a Shropshire Food Partnership aligned with the Sustainable Food Places approach. They are acting as an incubator for the Shropshire Food Partnership as it defines its role and finds its long-term home. During Spring 2021 they will be carrying out a scoping exercise to engage people, organisations and local government across Shropshire to develop a shared vision for a resilient, sustainable and equitable local food system by 2030. For more information contact or read our blog post.

Shaping Places For Healthier Lives project ‘Food insecurity in South West Shropshire’ – Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this piece of research. We are really pleased that so many people shared their views and experience. The project team (Public Health, Healthwatch, Citizen’s Advice Shropshire and SFPA) have been analysing all the feedback and are developing a bid for £300,000 from the Local Government Association and Health Foundation. We’ll keep you posted on progress.

Children’s Food Insecurity in Shropshire- we are close to publishing the results of research into children’s food insecurity in Shropshire. We’d like to thank everyone who gave time to this project, and we look forward to sharing our findings with you.

Join the online Food Power Festival from Monday 17 - Thursday 20 May for a four-day celebration filled with workshops, panels, performances and more, all hosted by Sustain and Church Action on Poverty. If you're working to tackle the root causes of food poverty then this event is for you. You can access the draft programme, find the sessions that suit you and get your free ticket today.

Shropshire Updates

Other news


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