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About Us

The Shropshire Food Poverty Alliance is a coalition formed by a diverse group of organisations united by a single goal: to eradicate food poverty within the scenic bounds of Shropshire.


This alliance brings together the strengths and resources of public entities, faith-based groups, and voluntary organisations, including a network of food banks, all committed to making a substantial difference in the lives of those facing food insecurity.

Currently, the coordination of our efforts is led by Citizens Advice Shropshire, underpinned by the strategic guidance of a steering group that includes major stakeholders such as Shropshire Council, the NHS, Age UK, the Food Banks, and the Marches Energy Agency. This collaborative approach ensures that our strategies are well-rounded, inclusive, and impactful.

Our Vision

Everyone in Shropshire should:

  • Have access to sufficient, healthy food

  • Have an income able to afford a healthy diet

  • Live in county without the need for food banks.

Our Aims

Our mission is driven by several key objectives:

  • To learn from and offer support to those affected by food poverty, ensuring their voices lead the way.

  • To put an end to food poverty across Shropshire, ensuring no one is left hungry.

  • To enhance the availability of and access to affordable, healthy food for everyone.

  • To provide high-quality, effective emergency crisis support, preventing hunger.

  • To ensure food poverty is recognized and addressed on both local and national policy agendas.

  • To continuously research and monitor the state of food poverty in Shropshire, adapting our strategies to meet emerging needs.

Our Principles

​​At the heart of our initiative are core principles that guide our actions and strategies:

  • Work in collaboration with existing organisations.

  • Building on work already done. 

  • Build from grassroots, rather than top down.

  • Work in and create an environment where people feel safe. 

  • Work directed by the people we work with, not decided for them. 

The Shropshire Food Poverty Alliance stands as a beacon of hope and action, dedicated to fostering a future where food poverty is a thing of the past. Through steadfast cooperation, strategic action, and a deep commitment to our community, we are paving the way towards a hunger-free Shropshire.

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