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We're proud to be part of the Food Power Network

Watch the video to find out more about the work the Shropshire Food Poverty Alliance, and another alliances around the country, have been doing to tackle food poverty. 

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The Shropshire Food Poverty Alliance was formed by a consortium of organisations who are committed to work together to tackle food poverty in Shropshire. Our membership includes public, faith and voluntary organisations including food banks from across the county. The Alliance is currently being co-ordinated by Citizens Advice Shropshire, with a steering group of organisations including Shropshire Council, NHS, Age UK and the Food Banks and Marches Energy Agency. 


We are grateful for the financial support of the the Food Power programme which provides financial support to tackle food poverty in local communities. Food Power is delivered by the Sustain: The alliance for better food and farming and Church Action on Poverty and is funded by the Big Lottery Fund. We are also grateful for support from Shropshire Council and University Centre, Shrewsbury. 

Our Vision


Everyone in Shropshire should:

  • Have access to sufficient good food 

  • Be able to afford a healthy diet 

  • Have the skills and knowledge to prepare healthy food

Our Aims

  1. Tackle food poverty and diet related ill health

  2. Promote a healthy and sustainable diet

  3. Build community food skills and knowledge

  4. Increase access to affordable healthy food

  5. Ensure there is crisis and emergency support so that people do not go hungry

  6. Get food poverty (particularly rural) on the local and national policy agenda

  7. Research and monitor food poverty so we know if we are being effective

Our Principles



Based on the conversations we have had we have developed ten principles of practice for new community food initiatives. Services should:

  1. Be developed in collaboration with existing organisations.

  2. Build on what is already working, rather than undermine existing resources.

  3. Be built from grassroots rather than top down.

  4. Be sufficiently funded and have a long-term plan.

  5. Be dignified and provided in an environment where people feel safe.

  6. Provide skills courses which are useful to the individual.

  7. Consider what the right time is to engage with clients.

  8. Focus on social interaction/integration to provide multiple benefits.

  9. Provide food without judgement.

  10. Have well publicised clear rules on eligibility to food.

Taking Action

We have developed a Food Poverty Action Plan for Shropshire. The project has been run as a participatory process, seeking evidence and ideas from as wide a range of stakeholders as possible. It has been a priority to ensure that the voices of those who have lived experience of food poverty are heard in the process. To develop the action plan we have:

  • Mapped levels of food poverty

  • Collated the views of people with lived experience of food poverty

  • Undertaken surveys (Organisations, Individuals and Schools)

  • Visited food banks and food projects across the county

  • Invited organisations to workshops to identify solutions 

  • Researched best practice from other counties to identify which approaches might work best in Shropshire

  • Started to build partnerships between organisations to address the issue


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