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Exploring the potential for a food partnership in Shropshire

Shrewsbury Food Hub are exploring the potential to establish a Shropshire Food Partnership aligned with the Sustainable Food Places approach. This is an initiative to support the establishment of cross-sector food partnerships to transform local food systems managed by the Soil Association, Food Matters and Sustain. Shrewsbury Food Hub are acting as an incubator for the Shropshire Food Partnership as it defines its role and finds its long-term home

During Spring 2021 Shrewsbury Food Hub will be carrying out a scoping exercise to engage people, organisations and local government across Shropshire to develop a shared vision for a resilient, sustainable and equitable local food system by 2030, that

  • Ensures everyone has access to sufficient nutritious affordable food

  • Drives environmental regeneration and shift to net zero carbon

  • Builds community, connecting people through food to each other and the land

  • Creates livelihood opportunities, building local economy to directly link producers and consumers

Due to the complexity and interconnectedness of these issues, it needs a systems approach that involves and connects key actors at all levels and across all parts of the food system. This will build on the work of the Shropshire Food Poverty Alliance, taking a wider perspective to consider the whole food economy.

The Scoping Initiative will apply the Sustainable Food Places toolkit to Shropshire and explore the following six key areas to outline a framework for action:

Over the coming months Shrewsbury Food Hub will be researching best practice from other areas, engaging local stakeholders and producing a food system overview for Shropshire. They will work with people and organisations from across the county to come up with a proposed partnership structure, terms of reference, strategy and workplan. It is important that this builds on what is already happening, recognising shared values and commons goals and then supporting initiatives by promoting a joined-up holistic approach.

Shrewsbury Food Hub really want to hear from everyone involved in all aspects of food growing, sharing and eating in Shropshire. They will be in touch, but feel free to reach out first if you would like to be involved in shaping this partnership, contact You can also find out more about the work on the Shropshire Food Communities website.

This is an exciting opportunity for Shropshire, watch this space.


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