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Piloting grassroots community projects 

In 2018 we applied for funding from a local foundation to support a pilot of community-led projects in Shropshire. Prior to this, in January 2018 we were awarded funding from Sustain to develop a food poverty action plan for Shropshire. Throughout 2018 we worked to map poverty levels in Shropshire and to develop a Menu For Action focusing on three main areas, enhancing emergency food support, focusing on prevention and changing the landscape. The work we have been able to do through this project has helped us to work towards our second point for action, focusing on prevention. Although the world looks very different now to when we were first awarded this funding, the work we have carried out has remained true to the central goal of supporting grass roots community-led projects to work collaboratively, identify local need and pilot projects which have acted a catalyst for learning and future plans.

The projects

Wheat Field

What we learnt 

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