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Understanding the UK housing crisis

Over the past year we have seen many significant housing related events. The start of the pandemic saw the ‘Everyone In’ policy in which the Government charged local authorities to support everyone sleeping rough to move into self-contained accommodation. An eviction ban was put into place and at the time of writing has been extended until 31st May 2021.

Over the last year rent arrears have continued to mount, with no clear strategy on how to deal with the growing crisis. Property prices have also risen to an all-time high, meaning home ownership is now even less affordable for vast sections of the population.

Housing remains a key and complex issue for the UK and Shropshire. In this blog we’ve pulled together some of the latest resources and figures that can help us to understand the context and some of the main issues we face.

This article by the Guardian takes a close look at the key historical policies and events which have shaped the current housing situation in the UK.

This report shows how the pandemic has exacerbated the existing problems within the rental sector.

The article explores the growing problem of rent arrears and how a lack of social housing has contributed.

Made up of 20 leading organisations who represent private renters who are united in their mission to reform the private rented sector.

The new Government-subsidised low deposit mortgage, and interest rates that are set to fall still further, are expected to mean house prices, already at a record high, will rise further.


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