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Developing a food poverty action plan for Shropshire

Shropshire did not have a strategy to address food poverty. Community groups had started food banks and other initiatives across the county, but there was not a plan which brought everything together.

In 2017 we saw the opportunity to form a Food Poverty Alliance with funding from Sustain's Food Power Program. We were successful in gaining funding to undertake the research needed to develop a food poverty action plan. We invited key organisations to join the Alliance to oversee the development of the action plan.

Throughout 2018 we undertook a participative research process to gather information on food poverty in Shropshire and the actions which would make the most difference. This included:

- Three half day workshops

- Online surveys of organisations, individuals and schools across Shropshire

- Interviews with experts by experience

- Visits to food banks and key organisations

- Mapping levels of food poverty

- Gathering information from other parts of the UK on which initiatives are working to address food poverty


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