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Changing the landscape

Action 9: Build awareness of food poverty amongst policy makers, front line staff and the general public


Many people in food poverty do not seek assistance due to feelings of shame and stigma. Raising awareness of the issue and avenues for assistance should encourage more people to seek help when they need it. Training for frontline staff will ensure that people receive the best advice when they need it. 


Action 10: Embed food poverty in council and NHS policy


Food poverty is an issue which is related to many areas of local policy. Decision makers should be briefed in the impact of food poverty in Shropshire so that they can take the issue into account when considering future policy decisions.


Action 11: Bring agencies together to provide a co-ordinated approach to food poverty


People in food poverty come into contact with a wide range of organisations across Shropshire. Bringing agencies together to work effectively in partnership will create greater impact and make best use of the available resources.


Action 12: Research best practice, share learning and measure impact


Responses to food poverty are developing up and down the country. It is important that what works both within Shropshire and elsewhere is collated and shared, and that impact is measured. This will provide inspiration for new initiatives and evidence for potential funding bids. 

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