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Money Counts training sessions

This November, along with Citizens Advice Shropshire, we will be running free, online, one-hour sessions on:

Tuesday 23rd November, 4pm-5pm

Tuesday 30th November, 1.30pm-2.30pm

These sessions follow on from the launch of the new Shropshire ‘Worrying About Money?’ leaflet, and are aimed at those who have brief conversations with people about their money worries as part of their job/volunteering role and are looking for some support and advice about how to approach these conversations. These sessions will likely be unsuitable for people who have had substantial training on or experience with approaching conversations about money worries.

The session will be a chance to:

-Gain a greater understanding of poverty and its impacts

-Understand more about the challenges facing low-income household this winter

- Find out more about the value of a cash-based response to income crises and how the cash first referral leaflet can be utilised as a tool to guide conversations and help people access support when they need it

-Gain confidence and techniques for approaching conversations around money with the people you support

- Increase knowledge of support services for money matters in Shropshire

We hope that these sessions, along with the new ‘Worrying About Money?’ leaflet for Shropshire, will help to reduce barriers to existing financial entitlements so we can work together to lessen the need for emergency food aid and support people in the most dignified way possible.

These sessions, along with the ‘Worrying About Money?’ leaflet are just one part of the bigger picture, the very start of the conversations we need to be having around food insecurity; looking not to food banks as a solution, but to addressing the root causes behind why households are struggling to afford the basic costs of living.

If you have any questions about the course or have difficulties signing up, please feel free to contact


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