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How can we prevent Food Poverty?

We can prevent food poverty by addressing the three main underlying causes:​

Financial issues

Low income

Benefits delays

Debt & budgeting

Money advice to increase financial resilience

Access to food




Price of food

Increased access to low cost healthy food



Healthy diet

Cooking confidence

Improved knowledge on nutrition and cooking

Living in a house share, Peter keeps his food in his bedroom so that it isn’t eaten by his 6 housemates. Unable to use the fridge or freezer, he relies on tinned and packaged foods, which he separates out into weekly piles. He tries to make the food last the month, but he says “sometimes you get to the stage where you are just really, really hungry and you’ve got to eat”. As the month goes on he just eats less. This month he has been unable to find any work. “I’ve been trying to portion my food, but it got down to a tin of soup a day. It got to be a struggle”. He came into the food bank on a Friday morning, but had not eaten since Tuesday.

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