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Increase of Parents Seeking Financial Help

Parents across the UK are struggling to cope with the costs of going back to school – data from two different charities has revealed. Citizens Advice and Turn2Us have both reported significant increases in the number of parents seeking help on their websites. 

Twice as many people as last year are visiting Citizen’s Advice ‘Help with School Costs’ page and three times as many are visiting Turn2Us – a benefits advice website – seeking charitable financial support, particularly in the run up to children returning to school.

Both charities state that coronavirus has led to more households struggling with the cost of returning to school. Citizen’s Advice benefits expert, Rachel Ingleby, said “If you’ve claimed benefits for the first time during this pandemic, or have seen your circumstances change, it’s worth checking whether you can apply for extra help with costs such as school lunches, transport or uniforms.”

If you are in a reduced financial situation, you’re not alone and help is out there. Visit our latest blog on the Shropshire Larder for advice on feeding your child on a budget and the Children and Families page on Shropshire Larder for more help. 


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