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Rising food poverty will impact on the health and wellbeing of Shropshire residents

There is a well documented link between diet and health 

addressing food poverty can improve health outcomes


food poverty


Many people in Shropshire fall into food poverty because of health issues or disability. In many cases these households are unable to improve their financial position

Shropshire has higher than national average number of benefits claims due to sickness or disability (8,600 people Apr 2017-Mar 2018)

People with long term illness or disability have been particularly affected by changes to the benefit system

Food banks across Shropshire report high levels of people with mental health issues seeking help with food



70.3% of adults in Shropshire are overweight or obese

Poverty and Obesity often go hand in hand. With poor diets impacting on health

The cost to the NHS of diet related ill health has been estimated at £6 billion per year


eating well


The UK government recommends that we all plan our meals using the nutritional advice in the Eatwell Guide


Research suggests that this costs £41.93 per person per week


Households living on low incomes will spend significantly less

squeezed food budgets


When incomes are squeezed, food is often the only part of a household budget which can be cut

Families on extremely low food budgets tend to focus on foods which are filling, rather than foods which have optimum health benefits


Food prices rose 28% in UK between 2007 and 2016, but average household incomes rose 5.1% in the same time period


After housing, fuel and power costs food is the largest expenditure for low income households, at 14.3% of their income

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