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Initiatives which improve nutrition & cooking skills


When incomes are squeezed, food is often the only part of a household budget which can be cut. Families on extremely low food budgets tend to focus on foods which are filling, rather than foods which have optimum health benefits.


The UK government recommends that we all plan our meals using the nutritional advice in the Eatwell Guide. Research suggests that this costs £41.93 per person per week. Households living on low incomes will spend significantly less. 




70.3% of adults in Shropshire are overweight or obese. Poverty and Obesity often go hand in hand. With poor diets impacting on health. The cost to the NHS of diet related ill health has been estimated at £6 billion per year.

Cooking and Nutrition 

A number of organisations run courses aimed at improving cooking and nutrition skills across Shropshire. We encourage the development of more cooking courses to boost cooking confidence and nutritional knowledge. Schools also have an important role to play in ensuring that children learn key skills surrounding nutrition and cooking. 

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