Food poverty is a growing problem in Shropshire. Poverty is increasingly affecting both working and non-working families and reductions in benefits and council tax support are tipping people into crisis. 

Everyone should have access to good food. No one should have to go to bed hungry.

The Shropshire Food Poverty Alliance wants to build better solutions to food poverty. If you've experienced food poverty, we would particularly welcome hearing from you.  If your group supports people facing food poverty, please get involved.


Please come to our workshops and help identify solutions that will help end hunger in Shropshire.    Here's the Action Plan for Brighton which looks at crisis provision but also identifies what can prevent food poverty.  What would work in our very rural county?



Tell us about Food Poverty

To create solutions that work, we need to really understand what is happening across the county, to find out what works and gather ideas on the solutions. We can only do this with your help.   

Please share your experience and tell us what needs to change  - please pick the most relevant survey for you:

Workshops to create solutions

Would you like to share your experiences and explore how we can improve the situation in Shropshire?


We will be running three workshops across the county in June. All workshops will run in the morning from 9-12. Please book your place below.


If you’d like more information please get in touch.



Throughout 2018 we will be developing an Action Plan for Shropshire. The Action Plan will make it clear what we need to do to tackle food poverty, together. We will be collecting information from groups and individuals across the county on the current situation and identifying potential solutions.  We will: 

  • Map levels of Food Poverty

  • Speak with people who are experiencing food poverty to understand the problem and get their ideas for solutions

  • Run workshops to build on existing work and create connected solutions

  • Build new partnerships to work better together and get more resources to tackle food poverty

This work is being co-ordinated by Shrewsbury Food Hub with a steering group of key organisations working on food poverty at the moment. Please get involved.

We are grateful for the support of Sustain's Food Power Program, Shropshire Council and University Centre, Shrewsbury. 



The Shropshire Food Poverty Alliance aims are to:​

  1. Tackle food poverty and diet related ill health

  2. Promote a healthy and sustainable diet

  3. Build community food skills and knowledge

  4. Increase access to affordable healthy food

  5. Ensure there is crisis and emergency support so that people do not go hungry

  6. Get food poverty (particularly rural) on the local and national policy agenda

  7. Research and monitor food poverty so we know if we are being effective




We are an alliance of organisations from across Shropshire who are working together to take action on food poverty.   Please get involved.



Please get in touch with us using the form opposite or by email to:


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