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Access to food in Shropshire

Shropshire is one of the least densely populated counties in England. Rural areas are particularly hard hit by food poverty.


  • a 'rural premium' on living expenses can cost rural households an additional £3000 per year

  • many rural areas are classed as ‘food deserts’. Local shops offer limited food choices, making it necessary to travel

  • few support services located in rural areas

  • poor broadband speeds/ limited mobile reception

  • high transport costs/ limited public transport

Hay Barrels

Mapping Food Poverty

There is no national measure of food poverty, and no previous research undertaken on which parts of Shropshire might have the highest levels of food poverty. With the help of CREST at University Centre, Shrewsbury we have explored a number of indicators to examine which areas of the county are most at risk. The map combines five key food poverty indicators, with the darker red areas highlighting areas at higher risk of food poverty. It is clear that this is an issue which is affecting both urban and rural parts of the county.  

Indicators used:

  • Food retail businesses per square km

  •  benefits claimants

  • adult obesity

  • households with slow internet access

  • households without access to a vehicle

  • The location of food banks is also marked

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